Be aware this feature is only usable for a specific dataset.

ARCHE (A Resource Centre for the HumanitiEs) is a service aimed at offering stable and persistent hosting as well as dissemination of digital research data and resources.

In order to import data from ARCHE to OpenAtlas changes to instance/ are needed (ask your OpenAtlas administrator for further details):

 'id': 0,    # Top collection of the project (acdh:TopCollection)
 'url': '',  # Base URL to get data from

The ARCHE button is displayed in the Admin/Data menu only if above data is provided. Click on the ARCHE button to get to the overview section.


Data provided in the is displayed. If user belongs to the manager user group, a button called Fetch is displayed. Click Fetch to fetch data from ARCHE.


Data fetched from ARCHE are listed in a Table. Only data (based on the Artifact), which was not imported is shown.

Click on Import ARCHE data to import data.

Data from ARCHE

All metadata is gathered from the EXIF endpoint of the first image in the “2_JPGs” collection. Additionally the corresponded .png from “4_Orthophotos” is taken as reference file.

Automatically created entities

All necessary new types, persons etc. will be automatically created or added during the import process.



  • Custom hierarchy Relevance for Actor (E21 Person)

  • Involvement for E65 Creation and p:cidoc_entity:E12 Production<e12-production> event

  • Additional License Type -> EXIF:Copyright

Reference System

New Reference System named ARCHE is created with data provided by instance/