Available for admins and managers

The Vocabs import enables the import of controlled vocabularies as custom types from a Skosmos service.

As default the ACDH-CH Skosmos service is selected.


Base URL - Enter a valid Skosmos service URL. Please provide the trailing slash.

Endpoint - Enter the valid REST API endpoint.

User - Enter the username, if the service needs an authentication.

If an authentication is needed the password has to be provided within the instance/production.py


Show vocabularies

Here all available vocabularies of the given service URL are displayed as table. The name is linked to the vocabulary at the provided service.

You can choose to import the hierarchy or the collection of a vocabulary. For the difference please confer https://www.w3.org/TR/skos-primer/.

To import a vocabulary, click either on hierarchy or groups.


Top concepts - Select top concepts to import them as custom hierarchy. Each child concept will be imported as type in the conceptual order.

Classes - Choose to which classes the new types will be added to e.g. Artifact or Place.

Multiple - Decide if the type is single or multiple choice

Language - Decide what language is used. If a concept name is not available in the wanted language, the preferred language of the vocabulary will be taken.