Move events

Various move events can be mapped via OpenAtlas, including journeys and the sending and receiving of letters.

Create a new move event - general instruction

As move events are a subgroup of events, click Event in the menu to create a new entry. This will bring you to the event overview page where you can find the +Move button. By clicking it a form will open in which you can add the following information:

  • A descriptive name for the move event; as in other forms, a name is required to save information

  • A fitting type for the move event; if you can not find one in the list, it might be possible for you to add new types - depending on your user group (please see this tutorial for more information)

  • You can add one or more sub events. Please keep in mind: Sub events cannot be added in a temporal order and are used to represent events that occur simultaneously. Examples are a music festival with parallel concerts or a war with overlapping battles at different locations. To represent a temporal sequence, use preceding event (for a short introduction see the Journey tutorial). You can select the event from a list of already entered events. If the event you are looking for cannot be found in this list, please add it via Event in the menu and then link it

  • You can add a preceding event, for more information see above or the Journey tutorial

  • Via from you can add a location from where the move event started, think of the starting point of a journey or the place a letter was sent from. You can choose a location from a list of already added locations. If the place you are looking for is not in this list yet, please add it via Place menu and then link it

  • Via to, you can add the end location of the move event. For more information check from (above in this tutorial)

  • If an artifact was moved by the event, e.g. a letter that was sent, you can choose the artifact from a list of already entered artifacts. If the artifact is not entered into the database yet, use Artifact in the menu to create an entry and link it here

  • If a person was moved by the event, choose the person from a list of already entered actors. If the actor is not entered into the database already, use the Actor tab in the menu to create an entry and link it here. More information about how to add actors is available at the Journey tutorial.

  • It is possible to link the move event by using external references (find more information here)

  • Enter a start and end date of the move event

  • Additionally you can enter a description of the event as free text

By clicking the Insert or Insert and continue button you can save the entered data. After saving the information, you can link sources, actors, references, files and notes via the respective buttons on the landing page of your new entry.

For more information on move events including an artifact, please see the example on Letters. On how to enter a journey, please refer to the Journey tutorial.