Display Errors

This is a general topic in case there are display errors like elements are out of place, missing or not working as intended. There can be many reasons for these errors and they have probably nothing to do with you but here are some suggestions you can try on your side to fix them.

Browser Version

Make sure your browser is up to date. We try to support all major browsers but because OpenAtlas uses advanced features a current version may be required.

Refresh your Browser

Sometimes browser cache (remember) older content. A refresh should solve this problem. E.g. in Firefox you can do this with the F5 key.


JavaScript is required for advanced features to work. In case you haven’t activated JavaScript you should see a warning message at the top of the site.

If the problem persists

If none of the above solutions work please report this bug. There is a Feedback link on the start page after you logged in. It would be very helpful if you provide which browser/version you are using and a screenshot showing the problem.