The software automatically maps information to the international standard of the CIDOC CRM. The CIDOC CRM was imported to the system, can be browsed and is used to verify link conformity between entities.

Although it was paid much attention to design a web interface where users don’t have to be aware of the underlying data model, interested user can get insights how their data is mapped.

After login there is a Model button on the start page which leads to a graphical presentation of the model (see below), a link checker and links to browse the classes and properties.

../_images/openatlas_schema.png ../_images/openatlas_schema2.png

You can also active the advanced Layout in your Profile which displays the CIDOC CRM class of an entity at the detail view.


All entities belong to a CIDOC CRM class. E.g. a person has the class Person (E21). In the overview table you can browse the classes and see how often they were used. A click on the class name will get you to a detail view with more information, e.g. a description and their super and sub classes.


Entities are linked with a CIDOC CRM property. E.g. if you select a location for an activity, the Activity (E7) will be linked with the property took place at (P7) to a Place (E53).